David Gasi graduated in 2011 from Leeds College of Art with a BA Graphic Design degree, First Class Honours. He graduated in 2001 from Monash University in his native Australia with a BA Computing degree.

His creative practice spans between printmaking and graphic design, producing work as a designer with studios throughout Australia, The Netherlands and the UK.

He is a director at ▸ Sheffield Print Club, Freelance Graphic Designer and a member of ▸ Edge of the Universe Printing Press (EUPP).

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Resident Artist (AA2A) @ Sheffield Institute of Arts


Like Letters @ Sheffield Institute of Arts
Unity @ Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield

Work In Progress / Members Exhibition @ Bank Street Arts, Sheffield UK
PRISM 17 Tramlines Weekender @ Millenium Gallery, Sheffield UK
20x20 @ Access Space, Sheffield


Teaching Assistant @ Sheffield Institute of Arts
Screen Printing Workshops @ Sheffield Print Club
Screen Printing Inductions @ Sheffield Institute of Arts
Paper Marbling & Bookbinding @ EUPP, Sheffield UK
Screen Printing Workshops @ EUPP, Sheffield UK
Letterpress Workshops @ EUPP, Sheffield UK
Erasure Poetry Workshop @ Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield UK
Screen Printing Workshops @ Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield UK

Zine Workshop @ Sheffield Institute of Arts
Zine Workshop @ Showroom Cinema, Sheffield UK

Commercial Graphic Design

▸ 93ft ▸ Creative Giant ▸ Special Design Studio ▸ Solid Block ▸ Scott King ▸ Foolproof ▸ Das Buro ▸ Iguana2 ▸ InsideOut Magazine

Reading List

▸ Roland Barthes ▸ Blade Runner ▸ Ken Briggs ▸ Built To Spill ▸ Noam Chomsky ▸ Death Grips ▸ Deconstruction ▸ William Gibson ▸ Wang Zhi Hong ▸ Scott King ▸ Latrobe Valley ▸ Stewart Lee ▸ Ray K. Metzker ▸ Pi ▸ Fred Sandback ▸ Erik Satie ▸ John Stezaker ▸ This Heat


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David Gasi

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